Eco-friendly, Beautiful, Durable, Fully Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Cups, non-toxic, odorless, readily biodegradable, use and destruction processes are non-polluting. Products quality is fully complied with national food hygiene requirements, and is easy to recycle after use, easy to dispose. Food safety relates to everyone's lives closely, and the safety and environmental protection of tableware should cause us concern. Choose healthy dishes, choose healthy life.


Reusable bamboo fiber bowls are proving to surprise those who are not expecting to experience the genuine durability and aesthetic beauty of disposable bamboo dinnerware. Bamboo fiber plants five years or older are taken for grinding into a fine powder. Using patented processes protected by specific manufacturers, the powder is molded into whatever shapes and products are needed most to deliver the strong, useful fully-biodegradable products such as bowls, plates and trays.


These fine Bamboo Fiber Plates are completely FDA food safe approved, and can be placed into tough industrial dishwashers. The results are as colorful as they are durable and practical. Today, reusable bamboo knives, spoons and forks are as readily available as cups, plates and trays. Strong and elegant products have caused this new industry to get a lot of attention for its ingenious new uses for bleach and toxin-free development and production processes.